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Joe Bob Briggs Returning to Shudder Later This Year

by Michael Carpenter

The horror host is a dying breed, and in fact almost completely a dead one, at least on a big stage. That’s why it was so cool when Shudder announced a few months back that it was enlisting former TNT’s MonsterVision host Joe Bob Briggs to host a program on its service.

Shudder – an AMC-owned streaming subscription service – focuses entirely on horror, and is honestly pretty awesome, considering that subscribers can watch thousands of movies for a monthly fee of only $5. The genre selection sure beats the pants off of Netflix at any rate.

Anyway, Joe Bob Briggs finally did return on Friday, July 13th to host Shudder’s 24-hour marathon event The Last Drive-In. To Shudder’s surprise, the demand to watch live was so high that their servers kept crashing and causing problems for those trying to tune in.

Now, sure enough, despite the title of The Last Drive-In, Shudder recently announced via social media that Joe Bob will come back again later this year to once again lend his hosting prowess and immense knowledge of horror and exploitation film to the proceedings.

It’s unknown right now when exactly he’ll reappear, or in what format. Still, the obvious thing would be to bring Joe Bob back in October, just in time for the Halloween season. Considering what happened last time, hopefully Shudder gets more horsepower in its servers.

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