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Joe Bob Briggs is Going to Save Christmas This Year on Shudder

by Trey Hilburn III
Joe Bob

Joe Bob Briggs, the well-dressed and never ending pit of movie knowledge blessed host is back to save Christmas. This year, Joe Bob, Darcy the Mail Girl and Ernie the Bearded Lizard are going to inject so much dang holiday spirit into your holiday that you might succumb.

We have been fortunate enough to have already had two JB Christmas specials in our lives. A Very Joe Bob Christmas which ended up being a Phantasm marathon. Then Joe Bob’s Red Christmas which ended up being the very Christmas-y, Silent Night, Deadly Night film picks.

Another year, another Christmas and JB is here to save Christmas. There are still plenty of great Christmas films for Joe Bob to pull from. I’m really hoping for a double feature of Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out) and Krampus. But, who knows what we will end up with.

I suppose the strangest pick was the Phantasm marathon for Christmas. I think he did take a lot of flack for that choice, but he stands by it and you really have to respect that.

Joe Bob Saves Christmas will stream on Shudder December 11 at 9pm ET.

What would you like to see Joe Bob double feature? Let us know in the comments section.

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