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Joe Bob Briggs Hosting 24-Hour Marathon on Shudder in July

by Michael Carpenter

One sad aspect of horror fandom that has mostly long-since faded into the past is the horror host, who would introduce movies to the audience, then proceed to humorously discuss the film and provide interesting facts about it during breaks.

I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of this phenomena being common, as a kid in the mid to late 1990s. As much as I loved USA’s Up All Night – which while not exclusively horror, often showed it – and its various hosts, Joe Bob Briggs will always be my favorite.

Briggs gained fame as a critic in the 80s, before beginning his TV tenure as host of Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater on The Movie Channel, which ran for nearly a decade. Briggs then moved on to his greatest slice of the limelight, hosting TNT’s MonsterVision block.

Awhile back, Joe Bob Briggs revealed that he would be returning to host a 24-hour horror marathon for the AMC-owned streaming service Shudder. Now, that marathon has received an all-too appropriate official start date and time: Friday, July 13th at 9pm EST.

Entitled The Last Drive-In, the marathon will see Joe Bob host and discuss 13 films, and possibly even go over the 24 hour mark, since Shudder is said to not care if he does so. Titles announced so far include Basket Case, Tourist Trap, and Sleepaway Camp.

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