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Jodie Foster Plays Clarice Starling in ‘Late Show’ Sketch

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I love The Silence of the Lambs. You love The Silence of the Lambs. Everybody loves The Silence of the Lambs, and for good reason. It’s one of the greatest serial killer thrillers of all time, and features two of the scariest human monsters ever in Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) and Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine).

Ably holding her own opposite those two titans of fear in Silence is Jodie Foster, who deservedly won an Oscar for her work as FBI agent Clarice Starling. No offense to Julianne Moore – who took over the role in 2001’s Hannibal – but Foster will always be most people’s preferred version of Clarice.

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With that in mind, it was pretty awesome to see Foster step back into Clarice’s “cheap shoes” for a hilarious sketch on Friday night’s episode of CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Foster played Clarice opposite Colbert’s Lecter, and the result was a quite memorable bit of comedy.

In the sketch, Clarice is positioned as an underling of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, looking to acquire incriminating information on President Donald Trump from Lecter. Why Hannibal would associate with a rude person like Trump is unclear, but it’s a comedy sketch, so it’s best to just go with it. The full sketch can be seen below.

Foster slides back into the Clarice role in seemingly effortless fashion, including Clarice’s southern accent. Colbert basically just imitates Hopkins’ Lecter, but well, everyone does that. Hopkins is iconic in the role for a reason.

The sketch ends with Clarice begging Hannibal to join him inside his cell, due to the real world having become too scary to live in. She even offers to let the cannibalistic killer eat one of her kidneys, since after all, she has two.

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