A Bunch Of Jasons Murder Each Other in Epic JJ Harrison Art

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Strangely enough, before today, I had never imagined various forms of the titular slasher from the Friday the 13th franchise going head to head to head in a brutal fight to the death. But, fortunately for the horror community, artist JJ Harrison has considered this concept and made it a reality.

The piece, appropriately titled “Self Destructs,” pits many different iterations of Jason Voorhees together, (obviously) but what’s really interesting is the few deep cuts or unexpected additions including:

Jason’s mother (Pamela Voorhees) beheaded by the first iteration of “Zombie Jason” from Friday the 13th, Part IV: Jason Lives, the adorably tiny Pop! Vinyl Jason scurrying up the coveralls of potato sack Jason, and last but not least Classic NES Jason ripping out a heart.

Lo and Behold:

Via Friday the 13th: The Franchise

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