‘Jigsaw’ Cuts Into #1 at the Box Office

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2017 has been an incredible year for horror when it comes to box office returns, and this weekend wasn’t any different. Jigsaw became the seventh horror film of the year to take the #1 spot on the domestic charts, with the others being Split, Get Out, Alien: Covenant, Annabelle: Creation, IT, and Happy Death Day.

According to Deadline, Jigsaw – the eighth entry in the long-running Saw franchise – topped the box office with a $16.25 million take. That knocked last week’s victor Boo 2: A Madea Halloween down to #2, with a $10 million second weekend.

Happy Death Day is still hanging around in the top five too, having now earned nearly $70 million worldwide on a budget of $4.8 million. The hugely successful IT is also still in the top 10, albeit at the bottom spot. IT currently sits at an amusing worldwide gross of $666 million on a budget of $35 million.

While Jigsaw’s win is nice to see, the news regarding the franchise’s return isn’t necessarily all good. $16.25 million is quite a drop from early week projections, which had Saw’s resurrection earning closer to $20 million for the weekend. Jigsaw is now the lowest grossing movie to capture the #1 spot in 2017.


Additionally, Jigsaw’s opening weekend is the second lowest grossing in the entire franchise, beating out only 2009’s Saw VI, which opened with $14.1 million. For such a heavily promoted sequel, that’s not good at all, and one wonders if this will deter Lionsgate from continuing the series.

Despite those negative marks against it, Jigsaw only cost $10 million to make, and will likely still end up being profitable for Lionsgate before it leaves theaters. In addition to its $16.25 million domestic total, Jigsaw has also already hauled in an additional $9.5 million from international markets.

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