Jessica Lange Might Return to ‘American Horror Story’

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Despite many fans not wanting to believe it, American Horror Story leading lady Jessica Lange never beat around the bush when it came to her plans to leave the series after four seasons. Sure enough, Freak Show came and went last year, and now this year’s Hotel season will reportedly not feature Lange in any way. Yet, it now seems that Lange’s departure from AHS may not be as final as it once appeared.


During a recent interview EW conducted with Ryan Murphy, the American Horror Story creator revealed that he’s still in close contact with Lange, and would jump at the chance to have her return. He says that the actress’ primary reason for sitting out Hotel was her desire to return to Broadway, but reassures fans that Lange won’t be gone from AHS forever, and that he is willing to work around her play schedule if that means she comes back to the show.

With American Horror Story now potentially expanding to two seasons per year in 2016, one would assume that if Lange does return, she’ll likely only do one of those annual seasons. That prospect leaves the door open for more new blood like Lady Gaga to try their hand at leading the series, while allowing long-time AHS fans to get their Lange fix. Here’s hoping the former Elsa returns home sooner rather than later.