Jessabelle Trailer Shows Potential For November 7

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I haven’t seen anything about Jessabelle on this site at all, having seen the trailer today I thought I should draw your attention to it. Although the acting looks a bit corny in places I thought the interesting themes and unique scares in the trailer as well as the fact that it is being released this coming week were enough reasons to mention it.

There are some fun scares in this one, a particular highlight of the trailer for me was the scene in which the ghost can’t be seen but can be heard running down the stairs. This section reminded me of a level in the game Amnesia: Dark Descent, the level in question is a sequence in which the player has to hop across floating boxes, if they fall the unseen monster in the water begins splashing toward them. Though you cannot see the creature, its presence is still terrifying as splashes in the water get faster and faster, closer and closer to the main character. A creature that makes increasingly loud noise as it advancers towards the viewer is an extremely intimidating and threatening thing in movies and video games. It comes from a primal fear inherent in all humans of something moving towards us making a lot of noise, the fear happens whether you can see the thing or not; but its much scarier if you can’t.

Jessabelle 2014

I think the fact that the lead character is wheel chair bound makes the threat of the evil spirit much higher, I say this because having more limited mobility she is in much more danger. Putting yourself in the mindset of someone who is in this kind of danger is enough, it is worse to imagine yourself in that kind of situation with very little ability to escape. That is what makes the scene I mentioned earlier much more uncomfortable to watch, because she is completely helpless in a moment of blatant danger.

The setting is something very different to the location of many horror movies coming out of Hollywood at the moment. I am not saying this type of place is unheard of in horror movies; all I’m saying is look at the horror movies that are out now, how many of them are set in an average American town? Yes some of them are in houses that have a slightly Victorian look to them but for the most point they are in a regular neighbourhood. This movie doesn’t have a street full of houses that a rich family would own; this film is set in a swamp surrounded old house in the woods.

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