Jeremy Renner Officially Joins Cast of Spawn Reboot

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Update: After the publication of the original story below, Deadline officially confirmed Renner’s casting as Twitch Williams.

There’s no denying that Spawn is a pretty badass superhero, or I guess technically, antihero. I mean, his powers literally come from hell. Unfortunately, Spawn’s first attempt at crossing over to the movie realm wasn’t exactly worthy of the character.

Trashed by critics and mocked by most fans, Spawn (1997) was a disaster. The film barely broke even at the box office when marketing costs are considered, its CGI special effects were mostly laughable, and John Leguizamo wasn’t exactly great as The Violator.

Spawn (1997)’s one major saving grace was lead actor Michael Jai White as the titular character, in fact the first black actor to star in a theatrical adaptation of a comic book superhero. Still, White alone wasn’t enough to save the film.

Now, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is set to direct a movie reboot of the infernal hero, with Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx on-board to play Spawn/Al Simmons. The reboot won’t be an origin story or a follow-up to the first film, and will instead be a standalone adventure.


Foxx may have a major co-star joining him soon, as That Hashtag Show reports that Jeremy Renner is in talks to play Detective Twitch Williams. Twitch is the lead human character in the film, and likely who it will center on, with Spawn lurking in the shadows

Renner is of course best-known for his work as Clint “Hawkeye” Barton in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also counts movies like Arrival and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation among his credits, and would no doubt be a heavy-hitting addition to Spawn.

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