Jeremy Gardner Shares A Bunch Of Set Photos From ‘The Mind’s Eye’

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Joe Begos is working on his follow-up to 2013’s Almost Human called The Mind’s Eye, which went into production this month. It’s described as a “violent telekinetic revenge thriller set in snowy 1990 New England.”

Jeremy Gardner, who directed and acted in the excellent zombie flick The Battery, will appear in The Mind’s Eye, and this morning, he tweeted out a bunch of photos from the set:

The Mind’s Eye, not to be confused with Mind’s Eye, the 2015 sci-fi film with Malcolm McDowell and Dean Cain, or 2013’s Canadian mystery with the same name, is written and directed by Begos, and stars Almost Human’s Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, John Speredakos, Noah Segan, Matt Mercer, and Larry Fessenden, in addition to Gardner.

You can also see Garner in the fantastic Spring, which comes out next month. Almost Human is available 0n Netflix.