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Why we Love Jennifer Tilly

by Piper St. James

Jennifer Tilly is one of horror’s most memorable leading ladies, but unlike most she is not a victim nor your typical scream queen.  Jennifer Tilly is a bad ass!  Her role as Tiffany Rey, Charles Lee Rey’s bride in the Child’s Play series cemented her into the hearts of many horror fans.  However, there is much more to this actress than what meets the eye.


  1. Jennifer Tilly the Bombshell!

Whether she is brunette or blonde Jennifer Tilly is one hell of a vixen!  This bombshell’s iconic look is only parallel to her huge personality that fans adore!


  1. Nothing but the Truth


If you have ever heard Tilly speak on a panel or in an interview you know she is bold and usually hilarious in her delivery.  She tells it like it is, for better or for worse.  No matter the subject she is always entertaining and gets a crowd going!


  1. Comedy and Horror

Tilly has found a perfect way to marry her gift of comedy into her horror roles, especially as Tiffany in the Child’s Play series.  In Seed of Chucky she gets to play an exaggerated version of herself, showing us she has no problem with poking fun at herself.  Not many actors are willing to do that.


  1. Dye it… red?

It doesn’t matter what color Tilly’s hair is, she is a horror no matter which color she chooses!  While red is not a common color on the normally seen brunette Tilly, or blonde Tiffany Ray in the Child’s Play series, this voluptuous vixen sure is a hot red head when the mood strikes for her to change it up!


  1. If you got it, Flaunt it!

I’m a strong advocate of; if you have it, flaunt it.  Apparently so is Tilly!  And boy does she have it!  Her assets are definitely a defining feature of the horror actress, and she is not afraid to use them as part of her persona.  She always chooses clothing that fits her personality, style, and body perfectly.  That is the mark of a confident lady!


  1. Jennifer Tilly, actress turned… poker player?

A passion of Tilly’s is her love of poker.  In fact, at one time she wanted to hang up her acting hat to take up poker as a career.  Not only is she incredible at the game, but you can say she’s practically married to it as she has been in a serious relationship with professional poker play Phil Laak since 2004.  She also won The World Series of Poker in the Ladie’s No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event!  This was in 2005 and she won over $158,000 as she competed and beat 600 other women for the title!

She is known to wear low cut tops and push up bras during these events, and told NYmag.com “”if people are really playing poker, they don’t care. Nothing looks better to them than a pair of aces. They’re not looking at your pair. They’re looking at their pair.”


  1. Fashionista!

Jennifer Tilly is a girl all about style, and this horror celebrity owns over 400 pairs of shoes!  Her closet must be the size of a condo!


  1. Voice Acting

We all know Tilly lent her voice for Tiffany Rey, bride of Charles Lee Rey in the Child’s Play series.  However, did you know this isn’t the only voice acting the beautiful actress has done?  Her unique voice has also voiced characters in Family Guy, Monsters Inc., and Home on the Range.


  1. A Woman of Distinguished Taste


Tilly is a collector of fine jewelry.  She is a self-proclaimed fan of “kitschy pieces from the ‘60s and ‘70s.” as well as “really chic, crazy color combos, and great conversation pieces by Boivin, Suzanne Belperron, or Paul Flato, things that are pieces of art not just really big diamonds.”


  1. Tilly was almost in Hellraiser!

Jennifer Tilly was beat out for the role of Kirsty Cotton of the famous Hellraiser series by Ashley Laurence.  Can you imagine Tilly as Pinhead’s adversary?!


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