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Jeff Goldblum Joins the Cast of ‘Dark Dice’ Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

by Waylon Jordan
Dark Dice Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is a man known for making interesting decisions in his career. From The Fly in the 80s to Jurassic Park to Thor: Ragnarok and his new series The World According to Jeff Goldblum on Disney+, he’s just not a man you can pin down. So, it’s really no surprise to find out he’s signed up for a new season of Dark Dice, a Dungeons & Dragon podcast.

According to Deadline, Goldblum will voice Balmur, an Elven Sorcerer and one of five player-characters in the podcast. At its core, this is an improvised audio drama where each new move is determined by the roll of the dice.

Deadline says, “Dark Dice’s quest takes place after a failed attempt to save the world and follows the team’s hunt for revenge against the other player-controlled team. To complicate mystical matters, Goldblum’s team is stalked by a creature known as The Silent One, a deceptive being that steals the face and voice of any creature it chooses.”

The new season launched on May 12, 2021 and will feature, as always, immersive sound, a diverse international cast, and a soundtrack that boasts orchestral music including Medieval instruments and a full choir. The podcast was created and launched in 2018.

For more information about Dark Dice, visit their official website or the official announcement on their Patreon page.

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