‘Jeepers Creepers’ Funko Pop! Variant is Headed Our Way

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Earlier this year we announced that a Funko Pop! Creeper from the controversial Jeepers Creepers was headed our way in November.

Well, it looks like there will also be an additional variant, that illustrates the Creepers in full creep mode with his head tentacles extended. This edition of the Creeper is a FYE exclusive. 

The Creeper is a sort of demon that awakens every 23rd Spring, for 23 days. On those days he hunts for human body parts to feast on.

These little creepy dudes are headed our way this Nov. For more info on the regular edition, head over to

Are you guys Jeepers Creepers fans? Looking forward to collecting these? Let us know in the comments section continue the conversation over @TreyHilburn for all things horror and games.

CreeperCC: FunkoFinderz

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