Last year’s Tusk marked the beginning of Kevin Smith’s so-called True North Trilogy, which continues next year with Yoga Hosers. After that, Smith makes his very own Jaws homage with the horror movie Moose Jaws, which will center on a giant killer moose.

And two very familiar faces may be coming along for the ride.

On his Facebook page over the weekend, Smith teased a possible connection between the horror-inspired True North Trilogy and his earlier comedy work, reaching out to his fans and asking if they’d like to see the iconic characters Jay and Silent Bob pop up in Moose Jaws.

Jay and Silent Bob Moose Jaws

I’m working on the Moose Jaws script now and just had an idea that’d make something fun and stupid even more so for me,” wrote Smith. “So the question on the floor is this: Should I mashup my movie-universes by bringing Jay and Silent Bob into Moose Jaws? Thanks!

Over 3,000 fans have replied to the Facebook post in the last 24 hours, with most expressing their excitement about the possibility. One fan even commented that Jay should speak the words “We’re gonna need a bigger blunt,” and Smith replied by saying that will be the film’s tagline – though he was likely joking.

All we really know about Moose Jaws, at the moment, is that it will feature a scene of the killer moose eating a small child. Smith recently described the film as “Jaws with a moose.”

Moose Jaws