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You’ll Be Swimming With Sharks In The New ‘JAWS’ 4K Ultra HD Release

by Jacob Davison

Just when you thought it was safe to dive back into the blu-ray collection… JAWS makes another return to home video!

If there’s a few cyclical, repeating facets of life, particularly for genre fans and collectors of media, it’s that the classics always jump with the technology. From film reel, to VHS tape, to DVD, Blu-Ray, and now 4K Ultra HD. Horror has always been on the forefront of home media evolution, I mean, just how many versions of Night Of The Living Dead across formats over the decades? So, with a brand new format to see, it should come as no surprise that one of the biggest Summer blockbusters of all-time would follow suit in 4K.

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Now, there are a couple of different versions. In the sense that there is a limited edition version and a steelbook version. The steelbook comes in a sturdy and sharp looking case. Though I have to say the limited edition version ha more of a hook. Featuring a 3D lenticular cover and a case that contains an entertaining and informative 44 page booklet. Said booklet containing words from director Steven Spielberg, producer Richard D. Zanuck, production history, cast and crew profiles, and even storyboards among other articles. For this, I think the limited edition box is cooler. Plus… limited edition!

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As for the transfer itself, where to begin? 4K Ultra High Definition is more than deserving of the label. This is about as highly defined as high def home video can get. The visuals are crisp and beautiful. It’s almost like you’re right on Amity Island or swimming with the shark itself! And the audio is cinematic quality, especially depending on your sound system. This truly is the next step in movies at home and at a theater level quality.

As for the rest, the release comes with a blu-ray edition that seems unchanged from prior versions. Also featuring a variety of special features from said prior releases, including: ‘The Shark Is still working’ and ‘The Making Of JAWS’ feature length documentaries about the making of the film. As well as story boards, deleted scenes, trailers and more.

Either way, if you’re wanting to go back to Amity Island and experience JAWS in top quality form, take a bite out of this 4K version available now!

Image via IMDB

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