We’ve seen Freddy VS. Jason on the big screen, but have you ever wondered about other possible horror infused mashups? I know I do. While we may never see that oh so infamous Jason VS Freddy VS Ash idea hashed out so many years ago at your local theater, award winning independent filmmaker Trent Duncan gives the horror fans what we want to see. Duncan has gone off and made a few short horror films for the masses that have clamoured for it. You want to see Jason, Freddy and Ash duke it out? How about Leatherface and Jason? Maybe you want an all out epic horrorgasm with Freddy, Myers, Jason, Ash, Leatherface and Ghostface all going head to head. Well, Trent Duncan has made all this possible – For the love of the horror genre. You can check out all these hidden gems over on youtube or on the filmmaker’s website by clicking here.


Now, onto the main event. Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers:

Trent’s newest fan film pins everyone’s favorite Crystal Lake resident against the king of Halloween. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The cinematography here is stellar for being what it is. The costumes of both Jason and Michael are on point. Jason’s costume modeling Kane Hodder’s from The New Blood was a nice touch; And Michael’s look, for me, was reminiscent to Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers look.  The fight itself: That’s for YOU to decide. Now…


Who will win?


Jason Vorhees?

jason gif





Michael Myers?

myers gif





Here you go you horror hounds. Be sure to check out Duncan’s other films in the link above! Tell us what you think!


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