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Jason Voorhees Coffee Table is the Ultimate Conversation Piece

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(Updated 9/13/2019:  The price has changed from the original article.  Please visit link for the updated pricing on their website.)

There’s never been a better time to be a horror fan than the present, as horror home decor has become big business here in the community. From pillows to posters, there truly is a horror-friendly version of almost every piece of home decor you can imagine, and that’s a pretty beautiful thing.

We tip our hats to Friday the 13th: The Franchise for bringing this latest piece of horror home decor to our attention, which is quite frankly one of the coolest things we’ve ever laid eyes on. Yes, that is indeed a Friday the 13th coffee table, based of course on The New Blood.

Kane Hodder played Jason Voorhees for the first of several times in the franchise’s seventh installment, which depicted Voorhees as a rotting, zombie-like monster for the very first time. This unique coffee table is the handiwork of Australian company Slaughter FX, and it’s quite frankly the ultimate piece of Friday memorabilia.

Comprised of a resin mask, head and torso, along with plastic eyeballs and chain, the table recreates the ending to the film, though it literally takes Jason out of Crystal Lake and puts him right into your living room. Included on one side is a Friday the 13th logo, with a faux machete on the other.

Though the Slaughter FX website lists the table as being sold out, you can likely place a custom order if you get in touch with them. These bad boys go for $1,750: “Made from Resin, foam and timber.”

Check out some more images below, to see the full scope of how awesome this thing is!


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