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Jason Goes Back to Manhattan To Encourage People to Wear Masks

by Trey Hilburn III

Jason Voorhees’ time in Manhattan was a short lived and confusing one. So many things about that film never made sense. Was Crystal Lake tied to the ocean? How much of Canada was supposed to pass for NY? Why did Voorhees look like a turtle? A lot of these questions will probably remain unanswered. In any case, Voorhees has gone back to Manhattan in order to advise New Yorker’s to wear masks.

In the PSA Voorhees wonders the streets and subways of NY in search of connection. Unfortunately, his past gets in the way. Any attempt he makes at approaching people is met with them running off in fear. Poor Jason.

He eventually puts on a mask to put over his mask for safety sake and not much changes, but at least he is being safe.

I love the idea of Jason being a dude that wants to have a connection after his particularly bloody past. I especially love the idea of Jason having a pet cat. The PSA is sure to speak to horror fans and cat lovers alike. Ultimately, the message is sound. Wearing a mask is a good thing. I guess if it’s good enough for a slightly bearded Jason Voorhees, than it’s good enough for us.

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