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Jason Blum Would Love to Reboot ‘Frankenstein’

by Paul Aloisio

It looks like a new wave of Universal Monster movies may finally be upon us, as the success of The Invisible Man has inspired multiple new projects featuring the classic baddies of the big screen. Jason Blum has now opened up about his interest in bringing one of the most famous monsters back to life and his interest in rebooting Frankenstein. 

Speaking with The Evolution of Horror Podcast, Blumhouse exec Jason Blum said:

“I’d love to do Frankenstein. I’ve tasked our filmmakers with trying to figure out just straight Frankenstein … Again, I don’t know if someone else is doing it, I don’t know anything about it, but I would love to try and I’m waiting for the great idea. The Invisible Man, I agree, the best ideas feel like, ‘My gosh, it’s so obvious, why didn’t that happen before?’ If we could come up with something as good for Frankenstein, I’d love to try that.”

We haven’t had a decent Frankenstein movie in a very long time. Maybe Jason Blum is the person we need to help bring this horror favorite back to life.

His track record proves that, if anyone, he is the right person for the job. He’s helped successfully reinvigorate The Invisible Man and even more modern classics such as Halloween. Blumhouse has been on a roll, not only with reboots, but with new properties such as Get Out (although we shouldn’t expect any sequels to that film anytime soon.).

In the meantime, it’s always worth revisiting both the original James Whale film from 1931, as well as the more recent version starring Robert DeNiro, released in 1994. But why stop there?

Just re-read the book while you’re at it. After all, it’s not like it’s one of the most influential literary classics of all time or anything…

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