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Jason Blum Announces 2nd Annual Blumfest is on This October

by Trey Hilburn III

While the whole world was celebrating Skywalkers, Porgs and Bounty Hunters on May 4 – Jason Blum of Blumhouse was thinking about Halloween. Actually, he was thinking about October and the return of Blumfest… and probably also Halloween.

Last year’s virtual event highlighted a bunch of stuff we could look forward to from Blumhouse over the entirety of the 2021. Blum and fans dug the experience so much that they are bringing it back again. The 2nd annual event will give us some teasers, trailers and news of things to come. Most likely, we can expect a look at Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, a tease of what’s up next for The Conjuring following The Devil Made me Do It and hopefully we get to see what Jordan Peele is working on next.

While all of that is already really exciting, the things I’m really hoping to see at this event is some sign we are getting a Upgrade 2.0, and I’m hoping we get a look at The Wolfman starring Ryan Gosling. I’m not asking for much, Blum. Don’t let me down.

Blumfest goes down virtually on Oct. 1. We will get you more details as the event nears.

What are you hoping to see at Blumfest? Let us know in the comments section.

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