Japan Releases Black Garlic Doritos For Halloween!


Written by Patti Pauley

Between the McDonald’s pumpkin-spiced drizzle fries and Lotteria’s Halloween cheeseburger that’s made to look like it has a tongue (seriously check it out), Japan seems to be the front-runner when it comes to limited edition Halloween treats this year. And now we can add the delicious Doritos snack chips to the holiday foodie trend as well, and no they’re not pumpkin spice flavored folks.





Ahh yes. The Halloween Black Garlic Doritos. What better way to fend off vampires than with your own breath, eh? At least you can satisfy your hangry self in the process. Of course, anyone outside of Japan is going to shit out of luck when it comes to these spooky snacks. Because as of right now, they’re the only country that has the forever beautiful, all black tortilla chips. So if anyone on that side of the world want’s to be my hero, please send a bag this way!


  1. and this is the problem with the world today. It used to be that if you had a problem with a product, you didn’t buy it. Everyone was able to buy it if they chose to. Now all it takes is a single complaint by a whining moron to ruin things for everyone. I want one of these things. I want to place it on a window at work, but on the inside

  2. Is this a sales ploy to get “banned” clown outfits to fly off the shelf? All this scary clown stuff has to stop. Clowns are real people who work hard. Clown Lives Matter.

  3. The 10th grader that died was calling the kid that stabbed him a clown. He wasn’t dressed up as a clown.
    Nah. I’m just joshin’. I don’t care either way. It did kill my plans to be Penny wise this year. I had balloons and everything. Michael Meyers it it, I guess.

  4. And they are offended idiots WITH GUNS. There’s nothing more frightening than a person who disagrees with you and has a gun.


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