Jamie Lee Curtis Would Return for ‘Halloween’ Sequel Under One Condition

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You may or may not be aware of this, but last weekend, a new Halloween movie came out. Directed by David Gordon Green, Blumhouse Productions’ entry into the Michael Myers saga brought both star Jamie Lee Curtis and creator John Carpenter back to the franchise.

Acclaimed by both fans and critics, the new Halloween has already made a boatload of money, and also reminded the world that Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome. While her new take on Laurie Strode is indeed a traumatized survivor, she is also an uber-prepared badass.

With all this success, talk has naturally turned toward a sequel, with some recent reports suggesting that Blumhouse is already developing one. However, if a sequel was made, would Curtis be willing to return as Laurie? The answer is yes, provided one condition is met.

When asked during a recent video interview with Empire whether she was up for another go-around as the original slasher scream queen, the actress said she would be, provided director Gordon Green also came back, and personally asked her to be a part of the project.

So there you have it folks, if Blumhouse can get Gordon Green to direct the sequel, Curtis will probably return too. If not, sounds like she’d be out of the picture. That is unless the studio backed a dump truck full of money up to her house, which often changes actors’ minds.

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