Jamie Lee Curtis to RETURN in New ‘Halloween’

Paul AloisioNews1 Comment

Yes, you read that right – the original Scream Queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, is set to return in the new Halloween movie. The news comes just now from John Carpenter’s official Facebook page. He writes:


Seriously – how great is this news? I can barely contain my excitement. On October 19, 2018, we will see Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter both involved with a new film in the Halloween franchise. How is this real life!? Is it? Am I dreaming? Somebody, punch me quick – see if I wake up!

Being that her character has died, this essentially means that we will either be traveling to the past for the new film or just ignoring basically everything after the second film. It wouldn’t make sense to have her resume her role from H20, because the aftermath of that film can only mean one of two things: one is Michael is really dead, or the other is that she killed an innocent paramedic like the film after included. Either way, this means we will have to go back before H20…otherwise, Michael would have to be supernatural, which has already been established that he will not be in the new movie.

I don’t know. I’m almost too excited to think. Let’s discuss how we think the direction of Laurie Strode is going to go in the comments and figure it out together. After all, I’m sure every single fan of horror movies everywhere will have an opinion on this development, whether it’s good or bad.

But if it’s not good, I have to ask: why the hell not?