Jamie Lee Curtis
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You just never know where scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis will turn up next.

Movies, documentaries, maybe even a television series by Ryan Murphy? The star is hard to pin down and even harder to anticipate.

But of all the places we expected to find her, playing Super Mario Party with the Game Grumps on YouTube never even crossed our minds!

Joined by her son, Thomas Guest who is also celebrating his birthday, Jamie Lee–playing Princess Peach–seems to have had a great time just trying to figure out how the game works with a little help from Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan aka the Game Grumps.

Originally begun in 2012, the hilarious Game Grumps is a Let’s Play webseries comprised of popular game playthroughs with their own brand of comedic commentary.

The guys played it super cool considering their special guest, and considering she mocks them mercilessly from time to time despite the fact that she’s not that great at playing the game. Check out their video below and see how Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis fairs with the gents!