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Written by John Squires

When Jamie Lee Curtis was cast in Fox’s Scream Queens, we couldn’t help but recognize just how perfect that pairing was. Curtis, after all, is THE great scream queen of the 1980s, and seeing her career come full circle has been nothing short of a treat. Curtis played Cathy Munsch on the first season and is currently playing the role again in season two, but she’s not just there to act this time around.

As reported by Deadline, Jamie Lee Curtis will sit in the director’s chair for an upcoming episode of the horror-comedy series. The eighth episode of the second season will begin shooting on October 12th, and it’s scheduled to air on November 8th. Curtis previously directed a 1992 episode of the series Anything But Love – a series she also starred in – which is to date the sole directorial credit on her resume.

In Scream Queens Season 2…

Years after the murderous events at Kappa House, Dean Munsch purchases an abandoned hospital under the guise of fixing the healthcare system in America. After recruiting surgeons Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade, as well as medical student Zayday Williams, the Dean shocks everyone when she enlists the services of the disgraced Chanels to join the ranks at the teaching hospital. Meanwhile, secrets from the hospital’s past begin to reveal themselves, and a new killer surfaces.