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Jamie Kennedy Fights a Killer Beach in ‘The Sand’

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Ah, how the mighty have fallen. Once regarded as an up-and-coming young star for his work in the Scream films, Jamie Kennedy’s career has gone on to drown in a sea of forgettable b-movies. Not that there’s anything wrong with acting in B-movies. B-movies are awesome in fact. It’s just that Kennedy’s selection of projects to take part in leaves much to be desired.

That said, the former Randy’s fortunes might be on the upswing a bit this year. In October, Kennedy stars in the highly anticipated – by fans of the series – Tremors 5, and is now set to take part in an upcoming horror comedy with a fairly original concept for the genre: killer sand. Outside of the 70’s John Saxon flick Blood Beach, killer sand has gone pretty much untouched as a horror monster. Some would argue that’s because the idea is stupid, but take a look at the trailer below and tell me that The Sand doesn’t look like a fun way to spend 90 minutes.

The Sand Poster

The plot is simple, a group of 20-somethings throws an all night beach party, only for the remaining few to wake up the next day and find all those who stayed on the sand are gone. The survivors – who chose to crash indoors – quickly learn that the beach itself ate their friends, and will now devour anyone who steps foot on it. Kennedy plays a member of the beach patrol who arrives to try and rescue those trapped.

Why didn’t The Sand just eat them during the party? Who knows, maybe the monster is solar powered. You kind of have to accept contrivances when it comes to low budget, direct to video horror. The Sand hits VOD and DVD on October 13th.

[youtube id=”3JNe6iBWcwI”]


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