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Jamie Kennedy Explains How He Got Cast in ‘Scream’

by Timothy Rawles
Jamie Kennedy as Randy in "Scream"

The journey to Hollywood stardom is fraught with disappointment, and in Jamie Kennedy’s case, pink hair.

The Scream franchise was a game-changer in its day. There is a new sequel on the way—it just wrapped—and there has been speculation on whether or not Kennedy will posthumously reprise his role in some capacity.

Twenty-four years ago, Scream laid out the plans for surviving a horror movie thanks to the astute Randy character played by Jamie Kennedy.

Randy is the genre genius in the movie who teaches survival rules to his Woodsboro friends falling victim to a nasty serial killer.

But Kennedy nearly lost the iconic role to Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, and Jason Lee.

In a new segment titled “How I Got Cast in…” the now hirsute Kennedy gives viewers the backstory on how he was picked to be in the Wes Craven classic.

In fact, spoiler alert, it was Craven himself who hand-picked Kennedy for the role above every other actor considered for the part.

But let’s let Jamie tell you in his own words:

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