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James Wan’s Fatality-Filled ‘Mortal Kombat’ Film Wraps Filming

by Trey Hilburn III
James Wan

You guys, perhaps one of the most exciting things coming our way in the future is the James Wan produced Mortal Kombat reboot. Hands down, knowing that we are going to finally get some insane onscreen fatalities is some seriously exciting business.

Mortal Kombat actor Lewis Tan took to Instagram to share a picture and to give his insights into his personal journey with the picture.

Picture wrap on Mortal Kombat! This will take a while to process before I can put the feelings into words accurately, for now, I’m depleted, physically and emotionally, I’m delighted and exhilarated, that is how it should feel at the end, give everything for the art. Risk it all. We made something truly special here. I’m proud. The filmmakers and crew were top of their class and beyond professional. Australia delivered unique and breathtaking landscapes. The cast has created a family and bond that will last forever. Thank you @simonmcquoid for your trust and guidance, you are the embodiment of a leader. Lastly, my inspiration. My niece was born with rare lung disease when she was 3, doctors said she wouldn’t make it, she fought through unthinkable circumstances and impossible odds just to survive. A true warrior. She’s 15 now. This year when I turned down 3 films and 2 TV shows to spend months reading for a huge film that eventually wasn’t for me, she was there texting me support daily, now she sits in my chair watching me perform as I lead my first studio picture. Never. Ever. Give. Up.

The Simon McQuoid directed Mortal Kombat will drop earlier than originally planned. This brings it up a whole seven weeks with a new release date of January 15, 2021.

What do you guys think? Excited for a Mortal Kombat film? What do you hope that the film doesn’t leave out? Let us know in the comments section.



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