James Wan Teases a Pic From ‘Malignant’

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James Wan took to Instagram to give us a peek at his upcoming film titled Malignant.

When Malignant was first announced, we immediately assumed that this was going to be an adaptation of Wan and Michael Alan Nelson’s comic, The Malignant Man. But, since has since been said to have no relation to that comic at all.

This film is to be more of a classic throwback to the Giallo era in its approach. It will come attached with a hard R rating and revel in practical effects while staying far away from CG.

Wan is a master of creating IP. Both Saw and The Conjuring have gone on to have many, many sequels. With Malignant being more original IP, it’s possible that this might not be a one off. That is of course an assumption but one that is based on Wan’s track record.

In the teased image, we see a woman in a hospital setting with MRI images in the background. Dead center we see the clapboard for Malignant displaying Wan and Michael Burgess’ credits.

I really love the idea of Wan going back to indie roots. Malignant is being produced through indie finance by way of Starlight Media and Midas Innovation.

Malignant stars Annabelle Wallis, George Young, Jake Abel, and Maddie Hasson.

Are you excited about seeing a new film from Wan? Let us know in the comments section.


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