James Wan/Gary Dauberman Producing ‘Train to Busan’ Remake

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The Train to Busan remake has been secured by New Line with James Wan, Gary Dauberman, and Michael Clear producing the zombie thrill ride! The film will be made under Wan’s production company Atomic Monster, alongside the original rights holder film company Gaumont. Dauberman will also be penning the script.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that New Line won a bidding war for the Train to Busan English language remake. Deadline had previously reported there had been five studios circling the project.

For those who haven’t seen the original Train to Busan yet (what are you waiting for??), the film is an intense fight for survival following a group of passengers aboard a train just as a zombie infection breaks out. We reported last month that a sequel to the Korean version of Train to Busan is said to be in the early planning stages with the story expanding to the entire Korean peninsula during the outbreak.

Wan and Dauberman have been frequent horror collaborators, and will also be teaming up for the upcoming Swamp Thing series. Wan is currently serving as producer for multiple horror projects like the Resident Evil reboot, The Tommyknockers readaptation, and The Conjuring universe films. Dauberman’s writing credits include IT, The Nun, and the Annabelle films. The third Annabelle movie will mark his directorial debut.

Being that the film is an American remake, it’s safe to predict it could very well take place in a different city with a high-speed train; thus, giving the remake a different title. Regardless of where it takes place, hopefully the movie will carry the same dramatic weight the original film was praised for. If not, then at least we can cross our fingers for the highly-anticipated sequel to the original. We’ll keep you updated on more news about the Train to Busan remake as we hear it!

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