Sadly, James Wan is no longer directing horror films, at least for now. Still, that doesn’t mean the man behind The Conjuring has ditched our genre entirely. He’s still producing flicks like Demonic and Insidious 3, and Deadline now reports that Wan is set to helm the pilot episode of NBC’s new supernatural medical drama project Maidenhead.

Written by Source Code scribe Ben Ripley, Maidenhead follows a scientific team as they investigate the case of a teenage girl that appears to be patient zero of a deadly outbreak in a small community. However, their faith in natural law is tested when it becomes clear that the virus may in fact be demonic in origin. Now it’s up to the team to use modern medicine and logical deduction to try and eradicate the mysterious illness, all while uncovering the many secrets of the infected town. At first glance, this sounds quite a bit like The Strain, although one would hope that Ripley won’t be content to merely create a demon version of that popular FX series.

Sony TV is producing Maidenhead, and their deal with NBC includes a significant penalty if at least the first episode isn’t aired. That arrangement basically translates to an eventual full first season order being likely. This will mark James Wan’s first ever small-screen outing, and it’s safe to say that most genre fans will be pleased to know that he hasn’t quite abandoned his horrific roots. Here’s hoping that working on Maidenhead manages to reignite Wan’s love for the darker side of storytelling. While it’s hard to fault the man for wanting to direct higher profile features, he is far too talented to spend too many of his prime years helming Fast and the Furious sequels.