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James Wan Celebrates Birthday: Horror Movies To Follow

by Timothy Rawles

James Wan seemed to come out of the blue with his Indie sleeper Saw way back in 2004. He celebrates his 42nd birthday today and he’s got plenty of things in the works for horror fans.

His current director’s chair is submerged in the DC Comics world but his checkbook remains horror-centric with lots of titles which share his name as producer.

The man that launched a thousand franchises has his signature on the upcoming The Curse of La Llorona which is set to release on April 19, 2019 and an “Untitled Annabelle Film” scheduled for early July.

The rest are either in pre-production or just announced.

The latter being The Conjuring 3;the former an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers and an extension of The Conjuring universe with The Crooked Man.

Sadly, James recently removed himself from from the Resident Evil reboot.

But he’s getting behind another movie adaptation of a video game in Mortal Kombat. 

So with everything going on in James’ life right now we hope he has time to celebrate his big day.

We here at iHorror wish the filmmaker a very Happy Birthday and continued success in every genre.

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