Written by Patti Pauley

Academy Award nominee James Franco is giving fans one hell of a treat due out next month. The actor who absolutely nailed his role as Jake Epping in last year’s Hulu adaptation series of King’s 11/22/63, is teaming up with the master of literary horror once again in the release of the first ever audiobook of King’s 1979 novel, The Dead Zone.


In an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, the news site revealed that Franco would be narrating the upcoming audiobook for The Dead Zone that is scheduled to be released April 25. And Franco is absolutely thrilled to be apart of this project.

Excerpt from EW-

“He’s one of the most pleasurable authors to read or listen to. He just guides you along so well. Even though we’re from different generations all his influences and things he references and subjects he’s interested in seem to be all the things I’m interested in.”


The Dead Zone, if it so happens you’re unfamiliar with this one, is about a clairvoyant by the name of Johnny Smith who can see ghastly visions of the people he comes in contact with. Smith is involved in a horrific accident which results in the character being in a coma state for five years. Upon awakening from his long slumber, Smith begins to take notice of his strange psychic powers- I mean, one tends take note of seeing fiery visions of death upon the mere touch of someone’s hand.

The instant classic novel spawned both a film in 1983 directed by David Cronenberg and starring Christopher Walken, and a TV series in 2002 with Anthony Michael Hall as the lead role.