James Cameron To Bring Back ‘Terminator’ Franchise With ‘Deadpool’ Director

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Written by Patti Pauley

He said he’d be back, and by the Gods of the sinister Skynet, he is keeping his word.


The Terminator franchise is certainly a couple of movies, OK maybe with the exception of Salvation, that fans hold as close to their heart as Sarah Conner and her machine guns. However, with last year’s box-office disappointment in regards to Genisys, which in retrospect wasn’t a terrible addition; along with the grim realization that our sweet Arnold isn’t getting any younger, it seems the franchise would be finally laid to rest given the egregious reviews from critics and fans with respect to the previous two features.


Now according to Deadline, James Cameron, the man behind the T-800, is prepping to make this right with fans by returning to the series when he acquires back certain rights to the film in 2019. Cameron, who was originally inspired by Carpenter’s Halloween, set out to make his own SyFy slasher film of sorts after a dream the writer/ director had where a metallic torso holding knives, was dragging itself away from an explosion. Pretty trippy eh? Well, that dream turned reality after numerous studios rejected his script, and then fell into the hands of Gale Anne Hurd. Cameron desperately wanting to be at the helm of his dream project, sold the rights to the film to Hurd for exactly one dollar- ONE DOLLAR; in exchange for Cameron directing the project and could not be fired. What a deal.

We totally understand Cameron, but damn.. ONE DOLLAR?!


Anyway, Cameron coming back to the series with some creative control is indeed exciting, as he plans to oversee this “reboot and conclusion” of the first two films in the series. Deadpool director Tim Miller, is in early talks to direct the T-800 into a new adventure 35 years after the original 1984 theatrical smash release and quite honestly, I really couldn’t be more pumped for this announcement!

Will we finally see a Cameron-stylized war between humans and machines? Only time will tell for sure as we’re sure to keep you updated on this glorious news!

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