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Jack the Ripper may finally be definitively named!

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Patricia Cornwell is one of the most successful true crime novelists of all time and has spent over 11 years researching the famous case of Jack the Ripper. Not only has she spent over a decade on this quest, but she’s also rumored to have spent millions of her own money in an effort to once and for all put this case to rest.


Cornwell penned “Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper-Case Closed,” which was released in 2002, but has not given up the fight to further prove her case that Jack the Ripper was a suspect named Walter Sickert.


She has enlisted the help of a Scotland Yard detective, scoured documents in the British capital and purchased a desk owned by Sickert in an effort to secure DNA to definitively prove once and for all that Sickert is the famed serial killer.


Cornwell’s findings will be documented in a new book she’s publishing this year. Her first book on Sickert and the Ripper has been argued as proving only that Sickert may have been one of the “hoaxers,” who wrote letters to police during the time the murders were committed. However Cornwell herself told the London Evening Standard, “I believe it’s Sickert, and I believe it now more than ever.”



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