Stunning ‘Artik’ Poster Art by ‘Mandy’ and ‘Godzilla’ Artist, Christopher Shy

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Tom Botchii’s upcoming comic-book obsessed serial killer film, Artik, has received a brand new poster (and variant) from acclaimed artist Christopher Shy.

The story centers around a family-run sunflower farm, where comic-book obsessed serial killer Artik, his life partner Flin, and their family of foster kids are on the hunt for the ultimate comic-book hero. Until Holton, an Al-Anon attending straight edge, punk purist, comes between them.

Shy’s poster art evokes a burning, smoking fury that fits right in with the brutal, intense ambiance of the film’s trailer. The subtle details of the skulls and hanging hooks are fantastic.

Artik Poster Art by Christopher Shy

Recent featurettes have granted a deeper look at the intense titular character and the nightmarish homemade torture chair that Artik uses to test and ultimately break his victims.

Shy’s poster puts that chair front and center, under the determined and watchful eye of Artik.

Artik Variant Poster

You may recognize Shy’s work from the incredible posters for Mandy and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In addition to writing and illustrating his own original graphic novels and two Dead Space graphic novels, Shy also created the moody concept art for the Friday the 13th 2009 remake.

The talented artist has crafted some truly stunning posters for classic horror and sci-fi films. You can see some of my personal favorites below, which are so good it physically hurts me (all are available for purchase on Shy’s website).

Artik stars Chase Williamson (SiREN, John Dies at the End, The Guest), Lauren Ashley Carter (Jug Face, Darling, The Women), and Matt Mercer (Contracted, Contracted: Phase II, Beyond the Gates), with Jerry G. Angelo (Warfighter) as the titular killer.

The trailer – which you can watch below – has an intense, throttling energy, punched by a pounding score and powerful cinematography. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.

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