Stephen King’s IT Documentary on Mini-Series Announced With Tim Curry!

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Written by Patti Pauley

Pennywise seems to be taking over iHorror, and I don’t know about you, but I’m sure as shit not complaining! Yesterday, we brought you the image that surfaced courtesy of Stephen King’s IT Facebook fan page showcasing the infamous scene and memorable excerpt from the novel where Pennywise is taunting little Georgie from the sewer drain of hell which is featured in the latest edition of Empire Magazine. Today brings more fantastic news for Pennywise fans, especially those who adore the 1990 mini-series! We have an official Stephen King’s IT documentary coming our way featuring none other than the original smiling man of nightmares himself, Tim Curry!


stephen king's IT documentary

Shout out to Jo-Blo for first bringing the news to Interwebs, and the rest of us couldn’t be more thrilled! From the makers of the Pet Sematary doc, Unearth and Untold: The Path To Pet Sematary, and You’re So Cool Brewster: The Story of Fright Night Dead Mouse Productions, the filmmakers made the official announcement via their Facebook page yesterday that a doc entitled Pennywise: The Story of IT is in the works with more details coming soon!


The original 1990 mini-series directed by Tommy Lee Wallace is a cult-favorite among fans, mostly due to Tim Curry’s memorable, and horrifying performance of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. So for those who can’t get enough Curry in their lives, stay tuned as details unfold on this exciting new project for IT fans all over!