Just Desserts: 12 Justified Killers of the Horror World

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So many horror movie killers don’t have a reason for their actions.  Other times their reason is extremely vague, such as being “crazy” or “they were raised that way.”  Here are 12 examples of justified killings in horror movies.

Angela Baker- Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp by American Eagle Films

In this 1983 cult classic Angela Baker goes on a killing spree when her aunt sends her and her cousin Ricky to a sleepover camp.  However, is Angela’s killing spree senseless and void of reason?  It’s can be argued she was justified in her actions and her resulting double digit body count.

Angela’s victims were all tormenters of either her or her cousin.  Among her victims were child molester and camp chef Artie, camp bullies Kenny and Billy, as well as camp bitches Judy and counselor Meg all met their gruesome demise at the hands of Angela.  If they didn’t provoke the adolescent they might have filled a fun filled summer with archery and arts and crafts instead of killer bees and hot curling irons to the nether regions.

John “Jigsaw” Kramer- Saw

Saw by Lionsgate Films

Is John technically a killer through his traps?  Each trap he makes comes with an opportunity to live, but not necessarily unscarred inside and out.  Many of those who find the strength within themselves to escape a true Jigsaw trap they usually emerge a stronger and strangely rehabilitated person.  John’s motives aren’t necessarily evil, but it’s hard to tell that to someone who died failing at the hands of his trap.



Poltergeist by MGM Entertainment

This one is a no-brainer.  Wouldn’t you be pissed off if your gravestone was moved but not your remains?  To make matters worse, you’re condemned to a life in a middle class, predominantly white, upper middle class community.  This.  Is.  Hell.


Daniel “Candyman” Robitaille- Candyman

Candyman by TriStar Pictures

Daniel Robitaille found himself at the wrong end of an angry 1800s mob after his illicit love affair with a wealthy white woman is discovered.  The mob removes his right hand with a rusty handsaw and cover his body in honey from the local beehives.  Soon the bees arrived to attack the wounded Robitaille and leave him to slowly die a painful death.

With the paranormal power to return after his name is summoned five times into a mirror he can exact his revenge on unsuspecting victims.


Shark- Jaws

Jaws by Universal Pictures

As explained by Matt Hooper, sharks are eating machines, it’s what they do.  If a shark is offered a plump happy meal on legs swimming in its ocean it’s not going to turn up their nose and swim away opting for a seal instead.  Not only are these killings the most justified on this list, but also the most realistic, they are purely motivated by nature and necessity, not revenge.  Well, maybe it’s revenge in the fourth installment of the series, but we won’t talk about that…

Carrie White – Carrie

Carrie by United Artists

High school girls are cruel, and if you don’t know this from firsthand experience you are lucky.  Having four years to prey upon the quiet and mousy Carrie White, these girls are in for a rude awakening when her ability to move things with her mind is activated.  Arguably she may have gotten a little carried away when torching the high school gym and everyone inside of it.  Yet there is no question of doubt when she turns the car carrying her main bully and her equally vile boyfriend into a fireball as it speeds towards her to run her over.

Jennifer- I Spit on Your Grave

I Spit on your Grave by Anchor Bay Entertainment

If there was ever a justified revenge killing this movie is it!  Jennifer is sexually assaulted by four different men in a cottage she has rented.  After barely surviving she goes on a brutal killing spree, bringing each of the men to their demise in creative and painful ways.  Knowing the hell she went through it’s hard not to cheer her on.

Dawn O’Keefe- Teeth

Teeth by Roadside Attractions

Dawn is learning a lot about her body through her teenage years, but some of the things she discovers about herself aren’t common with the other girls.  While being sexually assaulted Dawn discovers her vagina has teeth.  Yep, teeth, and they will bite anything that is inside while she feels threatened or in fear.  As long as the sexual encounter isn’t consensual, the men in Dawn’s life will not get away from the encounter unscathed.  Sounds like just desserts to me!

Pamela Voorhees – Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th by Paramount Pictures

A mother’s love is nothing to mess with.  Mrs. Voorhees experienced the most tragic pain a mother can feel when her young son died at a young age.  Jason was bullied incessantly at Camp Crystal Lake until he finally met his fate when the mean kids threw him off of the dock and watched him drown.  Mrs. Voorhees blamed the absent camp counsellors and their lack of supervision attributed to her son’s death.

Mrs. White- Carrie

Carrie by United Artists

What fuels motives more than religion?  Nothing, to this mother who has her own lockable prayer closet in her home.  Attempting to kill her daughter in the name of religion and to save the world from the evil she believes lives inside of her spawn, is she wrong?  Well, yes, but she thinks her reasons are just and backed by the Lord.

Mari’s parents- The Last House on the Left

The Last House on the Left by Midnight Entertainment

Perhaps the most justified killings in horror movie history include the kills by Mari’s parents.  After discovering the people they are housing are their daughter’s rapist and abusers, Mari’s parents get revenge in some of the most brutal ways possible.  If these killings aren’t justified I don’t know what is.


Ben Willis- I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What you Did Last Summer by Columbia Pictures

A night of partying, alcohol, and reckless driving makes for a deadly outcome when four high school graduates run over an unknown man and then dispose of his not quite so dead body into the water.  During the course of the following summer the gang is terrorized by an unknown assailant in a black rain slicker and a hook.  One by one they are picked off, finally realizing the person stalking them is the man they ran over and left for dead the previous summer.  Oh those meddling kids!

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