Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields go horror for ‘Dead Man’s Bones’

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Ryan Gosling showed a very different side of himself with a small music project that him and friend Zach Shields forged in 2009, it was a horror themed group called “Dead Man’s Bones.”

Prior to teaming up for “Dead Man’s Bones, the guys had a complicated past verging on hatred for each other, until the found mutual ground in the world of the macabre. As a kid Gosling had to move from a house that they say was haunted and Shields had his own obsession with ghosts and the supernatural at a young age. They put their passion for horror together and had began working on a play that would revolve around a monsters love story. Overtime that project became a straight musical endeavor which they called “Dead Man’s Bones.”

It wasn’t long after  its release that it became my go to Halloween album and one of my favorite albums of 2009.

The duo did a short tour behind the twelve-song gothic album. At each of the shows they would ask the audience to help them open the show by showing off a freakish talent onstage.

Gosling and Shields who are huge horror fans focused their array of songs on the dark, the macabre and the classically novel. The songs on the album vary from songs about zombies in love, to werewolf ballads.

The first glimpse that gosling gave prior to the albums release was a live performance of “In the room where you sleep” where Gosling plays piano and broods into his microphone with a chorus of children dressed up in Halloween costumes harmonizing with him. Co-writer Shields could be seen playing the drums.

Over the years Gosling has hinted at resurrecting the “Dead Man’s Bones” for another album but his schedule has remained to full to do anything just yet.

In the meantime this is the perfect album to listen to during October and with any luck we will see something new from them soon.