Darcy the Mail Girl Action Figure Coming!

Fright Rags is Working on a Darcy the Mail Girl Action Figure!

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When The Last Drive-in With Joe Bob Briggs came to Shudder, Darcy the Mail Girl immediately became a household name. The lovely new mail girl – also known as Diana Prince – brought an up-to-date and Millennial vibe to the old-school drive-in movie reviewer.

The two put on a show that was such a hit that Fright-Rags decided to make its very own action figure for Joe Bob. That was definitely an exciting moment for long-time fans, but as the Twitter exchange below shows, anyone seeking a Darcy the Mail Girl action figure might be in luck.

Darcy the Mail Girl Twitter

The post comes from a member of the Shudder fan page on Facebook, House of Shudder, and showcases a diorama a member created of the set. It also includes an appeal for any ideas of what could be used as a substitute for an actual Darcy the Mail Girl action figure. There were plenty of suggestions, but the most exciting response might have been in the following tweet:

Darcy the Mail Girl Action Figure

Since Fright-Rags is the company that brought us the Joe Bob Briggs action figure – now completely sold out – this is huge news from the popular horror website. Although no official announcement has been forthcoming as of yet, it seems as if a Darcy the Mail Girl action figure is somewhere close on the horizon.

Make sure you’re following us for the official announcement! These are likely to go just as quickly as the Joe Bob variety!

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