13 Great Scary Costumes For Halloween

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Man, time really flies. That fact is incredibly apparent to me as I sit here writing the title for my latest list, as a cool breeze enters through the open windows of my writing room. Are we really gearing up for Halloween 2015 already? The answer, my friends, is an excited yes. As if all the posts on pumpkin spice whatever and new releases in the coming months aren’t enough to get you excited, maybe this list of 13 Great Scary Costumes for Halloween 2015 will. Mmm, I can already smell the uncomfortable plastic masks in front of my face already.

First, via Party City’s Official Website:

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If you know me, you’ll know how much I love the knock-off Nosferatu getup.

Next, from the appropriately titled HalloweenCostumes.com:

adult-rotting-costume adult-witch-costume adult-big-foot-costume matterhorn-yeti-costumealien-creeper-costume

For one second, can we just talk about the fact that those last two costumes both cost nearly $3,000? See for yourself here and here. If you have the money and you really want to impress the whole neighborhood, you should go for it.

And of course, who could forget the online juggernaut that is Amazon:81Pogb9ja1L._UY741_ 61Xaz57MVhL._UY741_ 91OkY2ruQqL._UY879_ 7133P2iKEhL._UX522_


That Annabelle one really is something else, I have to admit. Good or bad? That’s your call.

Hey, are you mad that I didn’t post any pictures of a sexy Freddy Krueger? Too Bad! That will come in another list. Be patient, okay? These costumes are supposed to be scary, man, scary! Hopefully, this list will help the gears inside of your brain to start churning and think of something good. Halloween is fast approaching. Less than two months left!