On February 7th, Severin Films will be releasing Franco E. Prosperi’s (co-creator of the popular Mondo flicks) final film, Wild Beasts, a drug fueled, nature run amok nightmare on Blu-ray. This, of course, is a new digital transfer and fans of Italian horror and gore cinema will be happy to see the likes of Ugo Bologna (Nightmare City) and Lorraine De Selle (Nightmare City) star in this film among others. This is said to be the director’s most controversial film of his career, so check out everything for Wild Beasts below.

All hell breaks loose in the zoo of a German metropolis when the local drinking water gets contaminated by a large quantity of PCP, thus turning all formerly harmless animals into ferociously aggressive beasts. Crazed by a drug-induced blood rage, they break all barriers and soon enough prey on the unsuspecting population of the town. Now it’s up to a ballsy scientist and a spunky reporter to save the day and the city.

 “Altered Beasts”: Interview with director Franco E. Prosperi

“Wild Tony”: Interview with actor Tony Di Leo

“Cut After Cut”: Interview with editor and mondo filmmaker Mario Morra

“The Circus Is in Town”: Interview with animal wrangler Roberto Tiberti’s son, Carlo Tiberti

“House of Wild Beasts”: A visit to the home of Franco E. Prosperi

International trailer