Ital-horror favorite Stagefright is finally coming to Blu ray!

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On January 10th via their Facebook page, Blue Underground announced they will be bringing Michele Soavi’s Stagefright to Blu ray for the first time!


William Lustig’s Blue Underground label first released the film to DVD in 1987 with an additional pressing in 2007. There were no special features to really drool over (a Michele Soavi bio and the theatrical trailer), but already BU has made it clear that there will be a brand new HD transfer for this one. Hopes are that there will be a directors commentary or a featurette on the making of the genre favorite.  Aside from it’s U.S. title Stagefright, the film is also known as Deliria, Aquarius and Bloody Bird.




Michele Soavi is a protege of Ital-horror legends Dario Argento (Suspiria, Deep Red) and George Eastman (Anthropophagus Beast).  Fans may recognize him outside of his directing as being the man in the silver  half mask from Demons.




Stay tuned to the Blue Underground Facebook page for updates!