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Written by Patti Pauley

I think stating that the worldwide unveiling of the IT trailer that made the Interwebs collectively lose their minds this past Wednesday, would be the understatement of the century. The trailer itself did not disappoint- you can give your nuts goosebumps all over again by rewatching it here, and if you weren’t excited before, I’m not even sure what to say to you.


From the opening of the infamous segment exchange between Georgie and Pennywise that seals Bill’s younger brother’s fate and begins a tidal wave of events leading up to the formation of the Losers Club, to that mind-fucking last 15 seconds of the trailer that made me check my panties after the screen went black leads me to believe that the hard R-rated film that opens nationwide this September 8th, may be the ONE film I’ll be hesitant to watch alone.. in the dark. Least I know this is coming- “shudders”

IT trailer


The trailer itself reveal broke an all time trailer viewing record according to Deadline with over 197 million views in 24 hour time period, beating out the previous record holder for the trailer of the Fate and the Furious movie who held the title with 139 million views in a day. And it isn’t hard to see why. Again, just refer to that lovely giphy above this paragraph.


In what seems like the week that belongs to Pennywise, ComicBook.com who is responsible for this glorious video, made a side by side comparison of Andy Mushietti’s IT film trailer with shots from Tommy Lee Wallace’s IT miniseries from 1990 that ultimately showcases that the two films are fairly similar in some areas. Most specifically the sewer drain footage is almost shot for shot, minus the bump on the head. Check it out below!






Featured photo credit to IGN.com