Ronald McDonald Terrifies Derry in This ‘IT’ Spoof

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The iconic fast food franchise McDonalds and the iconic killer clown Pennywise come together in this creepy IT spoof which has been making the rounds on the internet again. You can watch it below.

The fake tongue-in-cheek trailer shows a group of boys being terrorized, not by the clown you’d expect, but the spokesperson for the chain itself, Ronald McDonald.

The spoof posted by VT has already reached over 6 million people, well under those touted as being served on the legendary Golden Arches marquee. Still, that’s quite an accomplishment given the fickle nature of social media these days.

In the clip, Ronald is stalking children in Derry, the revelation being that the phenomena are all connected to McDonald’s restaurants. Don’t even try to bring home a bucket of KFC, as you will see, this slightly NSFW clown hates that.

Pop culture has been obsessed with clowns lately, not only has Pennywise made Stephen King a household name for a new generation, American Horror Story seems to be using the circus performers in their terrifying new season called Cult.

This McDonald's spoof of 'It" looks terrifying!

So creepy

Posted by VT on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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