It Has A Death Curse: The 13 Best “Friday The 13th” Deaths

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Jason sure knows how to get around, by his hand over 150 people lose their lives. Even for a slasher series that number is insane. Friday The 13th has always had a pretty sizable body count per movie though, usually ending with only a small handful of characters surviving until the end credits. So, with plenty of great deaths to choose from, let’s take a look at the thirteen best deaths that took place at Camp Blood.

13. Creighton Duke: Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

Jason Goes To Hell is not the best Friday The 13th movie far from it, but it tried to vary things up a bit at the very least. And even if the variations they made were baffling to say the least, they put some effort in to change Jason’s character up some. One of those changes being Duke, the only person armed with the knowledge to stop Jason and for all. That knowledge being the almighty power plot convenience.

Image Credit: Jason Goes To Hell, New Line Cinema

Creighton Duke never makes an appearance or is even mentioned in any of the prior Friday The 13th movies, and his death is fitting for a character of his caliber. Dying from a quick and painful bear hug Jason style, Duke’s back is broken and leads to his demise. For being the one man alive who can stop Jason, he went out without much of a fight.

12. Roy: Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 

Not much can be said about Roy, like many characters before him he exists solely to pad out the body count for Jason. While Roy’s actual death is an off-screen affair, that doesn’t stop Jason from channeling his inner rage. Roy’s remains are later found by the local police and they are in really bad shape. Indicating that Jason just hacked away at the guy with his machete until there was nothing left but blood and body parts strewn about.

Image Credit: “Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives” Paramount Pictures

11. Tamara: Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan 

Jason Takes Manhattan is easily one of the best comedies I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Every decision made in this entry is over the top and so comical, that the final product couldn’t be taken seriously even if it wanted to. One of the best moments however comes from Tamara’s character. Who goes to some pretty extreme lengths to get out of doing a simple biology project.

Image Credit: “Friday The 13th Part VIII” Paramount Pictures

I feel like the amount of work she put into blackmailing her teacher, as well as labeling all the major organs on her body would have been more work than to just do the assignment. With Jason just opting to stab her to death with a shard of broken glass, the pure absurdity of the entire scene just adds to the comical nature of it all. Remember kids Jason says to stay in school, or else.

10. The Rave: Freddy VS Jason 

After throwing his machete through a teens chest who has just witnessed Jason’s handiwork first hand, the real fun begins. While the chaos ensues Jason leisurely walks through the crowd of bodies and slashes them down one by one. The overall movie may have been meh at best, but it still gave us one of Jason’s coolest moments from all the franchise.

“Freddy Vs Jason” New Line Cinema

Where else are we treated to a flaming Jason as he mows down an entire parties worth of helpless victims erm.. I mean teenagers. Freddy wanted the fear to spread, and he certainly got more than he bargained for.

9. Demon: Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting killed while you’re trying to have some alone time, in a outhouse. Demon just needed  few minutes to himself, and our masked killer couldn’t help but to make his presence known. While the scene itself is comical, and not all tense or scary, it is still memorable because just how many movies can say they’ve killed off a character while they were using an outhouse.

Image Credit: “Friday The 13th Part V” Paramount Pictures

If nothing else this series can add Demon to the rather short list of memorable characters. Demon, the one who was murdered using the outhouse, truly a character taken before his prime.

8. Harold: Friday The 13th Part III

Speaking of toilet deaths, Harold stands atop that throne as the king of bathroom murder victims. With sound effects guaranteed to get any young child laughing, the audience is treated to it all as Harold is killed with an ax to the chest mere moments after finishing his business.

Image Credit: “Friday The 13th Part III” Paramount Pictures

Jason must have had a fascination for this sort of thing. Being close enough to finish off Harold when he does can only mean that he was watching Harold the entire time. Personally, I can’t decide which is more terrifying that they decided filming that scene and dubbing in the sound effects were a good idea, or that Jason was just standing there watching and waiting for the opportune moment.

7. Donny: Friday The 13th (2009)

Donny was just another side character in the series who’s only real purpose was to add to the body count. Well that and he also serves as the one who gives Jason his hockey mask back in the 2009 reboot. While his actual death was nothing more than a short fight followed by a throat slash, it was still well done and one of the more memorable deaths from the reboot.

Image Credit: “Friday The 13th” (2009) Platinum Dunes

It felt more like a Jason kill than the sleeping bag kill in the opening act at the very least. While that particular kill was pretty awesome, it didn’t quite fit Jason’s habits for killing people.

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