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‘IT: Chapter Two’ Makes Bank, But Comes Up Short of ‘IT’

by Michael Carpenter

This weekend saw the release of easily the most anticipated horror film of 2019, that being Stephen King adaptation IT: Chapter Two. The first chapter of course took the world by storm in fall 2017, smashing through every box office record for horror.

Well, the numbers are in, and unfortunately, IT: Chapter Two didn’t succeed in breaking the records set by its predecessor. What it did manage to do though was easily take the #1 spot at the box office, both stateside and around the rest of the globe.

According to Box Office Mojo, IT: Chapter Two earned $91 million domestically, plus an additional $94 million elsewhere, for a worldwide opening total of $185 million. That’s just below the first film’s towering $189 million worldwide opening gross.

IT Chapter Two

Where Chapter Two noticeably trailed is domestically, as the first IT opened to a mighty $123 million. The fact that their worldwide totals are so close is due to better numbers in foreign markets, and there’s little question the film will again end up profitable.

One factor in the dropoff may be the sequel’s nearly 3-hour runtime, considerably longer than the the first IT ran for. Less showings naturally equals less ticket sales. It’s also important to note that IT: Chapter Two earned generally less favorable reviews.

IT - The Losers' Club

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