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‘IT: Chapter Two’ IMAX Trailer Features Pennywise Attacking

by Michael Carpenter

I don’t know about you, but as we get closer to the September 6th release of IT: Chapter Two, I’m finding the wait harder to bear. IT is my favorite book of all time, and the last movie was my favorite of 2017. Pennywise needs to get here already.

For anyone else having a hard time waiting for Pennywise’s arrival, IT: Chapter Two now has an official IMAX trailer. The trailer features a mix of footage from prior trailers and some new footage and dialogue. Things are capped off with Pennywise attacking.

Clearly, Pennywise’s teeth continue to be the stuff nightmares are made of. One wonders if he actually gets to eat that little girl. Then again, she could be the equivalent of the girl he kills at the beginning of the book and miniseries, which doesn’t bode well.

It’ll be interesting to see just how much bigger this opens at the box office than its predecessor, which of course went on to become the highest-grossing R-rated horror movie ever, not adjusted for inflation. I’m thinking Pennywise exceeds expectations.

I’m eager to see just how different this movie ends up being from the book, as I enjoyed a lot of the changes director Andy Muschietti made for his first film, as did Stephen King it seems. For now, we just continue to wait until Pennywise hits theaters.

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