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“It: Chapter 2” was Originally Considered as Two Movies

by Paul Aloisio
Pennywise with Balloon - IT 2017

As It: Chapter 2 arrived this Friday to finish up the story of the Loser’s Club, producer Barbara Muschietti revealed that the movie was originally considered as being split into two films.

As you know by now, the idea was scrapped, and instead of three movies (one for the first chapter and two for the second) we ended up with two total. It: Chapter 2 will conclude the story.

Producer Barbara Muschietti said in a conversation with io9:

”We flirted with making two more films … Then it was decided that we would only make one film but clearly there was a lot of material that Andy and our writers had to adapt.”

Her brother, Andy Muschietti explained why two movies were considered before just settling on one final act for It: Chapter 2.

“There’s a lot of It that’s a lot of writing … The challenge was to wrap this huge work and translate it into film language. So the story is leaner. It’s tighter. We turn the screws of tension to keep the audience on the edge of their seat all the time. And everything is more consequential. In the book, it’s just looser.”

Which is a fair point. The original novel by King is nothing short of a monstrous undertaking by both author and reader, sitting around 1,200 pages. That’s a lot of story to condense.

Andy Muschietti also touched on the idea of exploring Pennywise in further films. Taking the length of the novel and the long, complicated mythology of the character, there’d be no shortage of inspiration to draw from.

Depending on how successful this second movie is, that may or may not be an eventual possibility. King is always a surefire bet, but if this entry isn’t as profitable as the first, New Line may not be too eager to explore Pennywise any more for the time being.

It: Chapter 2 is out in theaters now. Tell us what you think if you’ve seen it!

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