‘IT: Chapter 2’ Has Started Filming, Says James McAvoy

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If there’s an easy pick for most anticipated horror film set to arrive in 2019, it’s World War Z 2. Just kidding. Actually that prize goes to IT: Chapter 2, the sure to be huge sequel to 2017’s theatrical IT adaptation from director Andy Muschietti.

Earning lots of praise from Stephen King himself, Muschietti’s IT received both critical and audience acclaim, managing to rake in ungodly amounts of money at the box office along the way. There’s no doubt about it, IT is a big deal.

With the adult Losers’ Club now fully cast, production has begun on the hotly awaited sequel. The start of filming was confirmed recently by star James McAvoy on Instagram. Check out his full post below.

McAvoy is of course set to play the adult version of Losers’ Club leader Bill Denborough in IT: Chapter 2, alongside Oscar-nominee Jessica Chastain as adult Beverly Marsh, and SNL vet Bill Hader as adult Richie Tozier. The rest of the cast so far is mostly unknowns.

Still, if there’s one genre that rarely needs big name stars to succeed, it’s horror. Plus, the name Stephen King carries with it its own type of star power. Thus, there’s no reason to expect that casting the “Old Spice Guy” as adult Mike Hanlon will sink the movie.

Stay tuned to iHorror for further updates on IT: Chapter 2 as it continues production. The sequel hits theaters on September 6th, 2019, right around when the original arrived in 2017. Well, no reason to mess with what worked.